To survive the fast-paced business environment, the next-level organizations have renewed their focus on making informed decisions about the workplace, efficient space utilization, and providing an excellent occupant experience. Under the new approach, the workplaces of the future are adapting to new paradigm shifts that cater to improved productivity and employee satisfaction.

Integrated workplace management systems are the key to keeping pace with evolving workplace needs. They equip organizations with the tools and features to create the perfect workplace that ensures optimum performance and supports employee wellness.

What is Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)?

In other words, integrated workplace management software is a centralized system that enables facility managers, admins and workplace managers access to the space utilization data. Using the IWMS solution, they can respond quickly to the changing needs of remote and hybrid organizations.

A robust integrated workplace management solution empowers organizations to manage space and asset allocation, energy usage, building performance, optimizing building maintenance, and other costs.

With Workctrl’s integrated workplace management software, facility managers save time that would otherwise be spent in collecting data. Instead, they can now focus on value-added activities as our IWMS generates granular insights critical to driving decision-making.

Why is an Integrated Workplace Management Solution Required?

Remote, hybrid, and flexible workplaces have become the norm. Their operations are far more complex and an integrated workplace management system acts as the anchor. By centralizing all digital operations of the workplace, it becomes easier for stakeholders and managers to view the same data, make changes, and communicate with each other.

When you equip your employees with better data and reporting capabilities, your reports will be more relevant, reliable, and accurate.

We’re on a mission to build smart workplaces with facilities that intuitively support teams and the work that happens within the spaces.

Benefits of the Integrated Workplace Management System

Resource Management

Businesses of all sizes have started adopting more sustainable practices and integrated workplace management solutions to gather performance metrics to plan better energy management. It enables facilities to measure, analyze, and reduce the consumption of resources and waste. These insights are used by organizations to grow their understanding of their overall energy consumption.

Aligns the Organization

For today’s remote-first organizations, integrated workplace management software aligns cross-functional departments. The single source of truth enables workplace and facility managers to react quickly to change and make data-backed space management and occupancy decisions. Facility managers can automate and streamline the data collection process which was otherwise manual, time-consuming, and erroneous.


An integrated workplace management system like Workctrl ( Work Control) makes it much easier for the admin staff and office managers to easily track issues using the centralized dashboard. Whether they are working remotely or on-premise, they can get a 360-degree view of how the office environment functions. The result translates to saving time on the grunt work of collecting and validating the data and spending more time analyzing this data to make decisions with the latest data.


While on an overview your office spaces, workplaces, and meeting rooms may seem to be well-utilized, we’ve found that occupancy on average is only between 50-60%. In other words, if 50% of your space is not being used, you can well estimate the high inefficiency this causes for the business. An IWMS software helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies which impact your business, allowing you to improve space utilization processes to achieve maximum efficiency.

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Employee satisfaction

Adequately managing occupant satisfaction has a direct impact on employee productivity. Workctrl’s IWMS has in-built features such as meeting room booking, visitor management, and hot desking to manage on-demand occupancy and seat requests. To build the next-generation collaborative workspaces, organizations need to ensure that employees have desks and seats when they need, on the go.

Space Productivity

An integrated workplace management platform is a catalyst for remote organizations because more occupants are sharing the same space. Even better, organizations have reported major cost savings by foregoing plans to expand office space or cut back on the existing workplace to fit a much smaller remote and hybrid workforce.

How Does the Integrated Workplace Management System by Workctrl Help Organizations?

Workctrl’s integrated workplace management system serves as a single point of access for different business sources. It streamlines workflows between teams and aids in all-round operation optimization.

Agile and flexible organizations use Workctrl to optimize the footfall at their premises, deploy a hybrid workplace strategy, and surveil, manage, and utilize conference rooms to their maximum efficiency.

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