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Workplace Management Software

Managing hybrid workplace resources has become increasingly multifaceted. A workplace management solution is dedicated to optimizing these resources so that your organization can use its real estate, facilities, and infrastructure assets to the optimal capacity.

Typically, the real estate and facilities management costs represent more than 20% of your organization’s costs. A workplace management solution like Workctrl enables facility managers to reduce these costs significantly while increasing employee and business productivity.

What is workplace management software?

The integrated digital workplace of the future needs a scalable solution that enables enterprises of all sizes to implement hybrid work strategies taking into account efficiency, collaboration, flexibility, and experience. Workctrl’s workplace management software provides actionable granular insights around space usage that can be used for effective decision-making processes.

To facilitate the workplace of tomorrow, the workplace management solution is integrated hybrid policies with space reservation, hot desking, and visitor management.

Workctrl is driven by the mission to make the workplace digital, agile, adaptable, and affordable.

Why is workplace management system required?

Real-time and inclusive decision-making is an integral aspect of next-generation agile workplaces. All the more so for flexible work models that are a mix of remote and office-based working styles, workplace management systems can be used to allocate, assign, and analyze your space availability and plan for the future.

Ultimately, workplace management software makes life easier for office admins and facility management staff who are concerned with how your office environment functions. Your staff can focus on other value-added activities instead of spending time collecting, organizing, and analyzing vast amounts of workplace data.

Benefits of Workplace management solution

Leverage your data
Buildings and modern-day workplaces are the primary generators and users of data. An end-to-end workplace management system allows organizations to capture this data, analyze it and turn it into insights that the stakeholders can use to make informed decisions.
Strategic space utilization
The workplace management software empowers your business to capture occupancy data and generate insights that can be used to optimize space utilization and enable a hot desking system that can mitigate and manage risks. In addition, the system optimizes space management for the future.
Optimal workplace experience
Today’s remote employees expect a frictionless experience to simplify common tasks such as booking meeting rooms, visitor management, and so on. For this, organizations need to equip workplace managers with tools to manage the workplace more effectively. Implementing a workplace management system leads to better productivity and improved efficiency.
A workplace management solution ensures that sensitive information is available only to the right stakeholders and it gets stored over the cloud. For instance, fine-grained security in the form of access rights makes it nearly impossible for sensitive data to reach the wrong persons.
Improved cross-departmental collaboration
Today, organizations need a workplace management platform that can support data exchange and real-time integration between systems other departments use such as ERP and HR. Workctrl allows for integrations that enable collaboration between facility managers and other departments by ensuring smooth data flow using integrations. The result is that decisions are made based on the most timely, up-to-date, and accurate data.
Decision-making becomes easier and quicker when all the necessary information is available at your fingertips. Workctrl’s workplace management system makes advanced and live reporting easier with metrics such as visitor tracking, meeting room status, and occupancy rates available in real-time.
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How does the workplace management system by Workctrl help your business?

  • Technologies such as Workctrl’s workplace management software help organizations streamline the myriad tasks that come with the shift to a hybrid workplace. This includes visitor management, desk allocation, and meeting room booking that have now become more agile and dynamic in nature.
  • Furthermore, workplace management platforms such Workctrl give facility managers granular insights into how the spaces are being utilized, making it a great tool for productivity, well-being, and efficiency.
  • As offices have transitioned to spaces to collaborate rather than work at the desk all day, having flexible spaces is more critical than ever.
  • By capturing data such as meeting room bookings and hot desking, Workctrl can tell you how, when, and by whom are the desks being used. Equipped with this data, you are in a great position to create workplaces for the hybrid workforce with desks and spaces available when they need, and ready for the work they need to do.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Visitor Management System?

    A Visitor Management System is a completely connected SaaS solution that lets you manage your visitors and their data efficiently. It helps you to capture the visitors’ photographs, save their details and deliver a superior visitor check-in experience.

    Which is the best VMS software?

    WorkCtrl’s Visitor Management Software helps you put a streamlined visitor management facility in place and is affordable at the same time, making it one of the best Visitor management tools.

    Why do I need a Visitor Management System?

    Gone are the days when an admin could handle multiple health and safety concerns. More and more companies are now moving towards innovative technological solutions. Our Visitor Management System can help with every aspect of the guest experience, from greetings to check-outs.