Enable Desk Booking Software at Workplace 1. Boost Employee productivity
2. Reduce costs
3. Manage work-space

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Our office desk booking software will enable you to deploy right Hybrid Workplace strategy.

With WorkCtrl’s hot desking software, allow your employees to book a desk for themselves as per their comfort & availability

Synergistic Floor Plans

WorkCtrl’s office desk booking software is an ideal approach to present floor plans with iterative presentations of meeting rooms, desks, booked desks, cafeteria etc.

Usage Data Analytics

Our well-planned hot desk booking system for hybrid desk booking aids an admin/manager to determine and utilize data in a manner to optimize workspace management for future.

Mitigate & Manage Risks

Our office seat planning software will help you to mitigate risks of the current COVID-19 pandemic by enabling you to limit desk reservations, manage bookings & sanitize workspace well in advance

Initiate Workplace Collaboration

Allow team mates to collaborate with other departments & gain a whole new perspective by booking their desks as per the need or allowing them to self-book their seats as per their needs
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Deploy effortless employee experience at workplace with a well-managed & powerful Desk & Seat Planning software.

Curate a hybrid office desk planning strategy with WorkCtrl

Enable ‘Hybrid’. With WorkCtrl’s Hot Desking Solution you can get your teams performing in sync even without everyday physical contact. With a well-defined system in place, you can implement focus and clarity within your team & get the best work done.

Hot Desking

Help teams & employees get back to work at their own comfort, hassle-free via our hot desk management solution

Desk Hoteling

Allow employees to book their desks as per their ease, multiple days or even weeks in advance 

Permanent Desk Booking

Assign a permanent seat to employees & supervise the flexible work schedules of varied team sizes

Enable Mobile App

Enable teams to improve productivity & efficiency by ‘getting back to work’ with the ease of WorkCtrl’s Hot Desk booking solution app.

Workspace maps

Access, Manage, Book & Keep a track on in office availability/non-availability & consumption of desks so that employees can book their desks with ease.

Space Utilization Analytics

Receive immediate alerts via email if a room ever goes offline so that you can plan & utilise your space to their maximum capacity


Enable Hybrid – Effortlessly in just 3 steps!

  • Free Demo – Book a demo to take a live view of the entire Office Desk Booking Ecosystem
  • Choose a plan – use our powerful suite of business collaboration tools.
  • Get Employees Back – Let employees start booking desks. Relax & observe while we do the work for you.

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Hot Desk Booking Software?

    The hot desk booking solution is actually a software that helps you deploy a flexible workspace strategy in place. It allows employees & their managers to book “desks” as and when needed, depending on their work life needs.

    Which is the best hot desk booking tool?

    Workctrl’s Hot Desk Booking Tool is indeed one of the best tools that enables you to implement your ‘flexible’ working policies in a more planned and efficient manner.

    Why do I need a hot desk management system?

    The pandemic has changed the way we all operate, at work. Most organizations are still struggling to get back to work & manage their workplace. To get the maximum out of every employee, it’s imperative to have a hybrid work policy at place. Hot desks (i.e., direct booking) allows employees to get back to work by enabling them to access unused workspaces & manage used spaces competently!