Meeting Room Booking Solution for your workspace 1. Better Space Utilisation
2. Eliminate tiresome admin tasks
3. Simplify and Streamline Collaboration

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IoT enabled advanced booking system for meeting rooms

Our meeting room booking solution helps you to surveil, manage & utilize conference rooms up to their maximum efficiency, control meetings effectively & transform the whole meeting room booking process into a simple, consistent, and reliable experience

Easy app integrations

Via our meeting room booking app you can integrate 3rd party apps like Google Calendar, Office 365 etc.

Track down on ‘locked-up’ free spaces

With our booking system for meeting rooms utilize the room within 5 minutes, if no one starts the meeting

Take Data Driven Decisions

Understand usage patterns to derive smart, data-driven decisions on future requirements, workplace security, cut on costs & much more
Manage the team everyone wants to be on

Learn about our meeting room booking software that makes your Workspaces work for you

Create a workplace that helps your employees ‘do more’ & work more efficaciously

Our meeting room booking software helps you to allow less work conflict over bookings, reduced friction, and enhanced employee happiness.

Space utilization data

Take much more data-driven, smart decisions & cut down on additional operational costs

Check-in & end meeting in a tap

Free up space for others by securing your room well in advance and ending your meeting by just a tap with our room booking software

Organize Displays

Our meeting-room solution displays availability details from outside the room so you can book a room for yourself even when it is in use

Color Coded Accessibility

Easily identify the availability by the three colored indicators displayed outside each room.

Mobile booking

Identify and book the nearest available room from our mobile app which comes with location-based functionality.

Security & Privacy enablement

Keep your information confidential & protect your details from others to viewing it


Seamless Integrations

  • Our software allows you to integrate up to 50 of your favorite workplace tools like Google Drive, Office, etc.
  • Get an eagle’s eye view of your entire office & learn who is planning or is on-site so you can right-size your space layout
  • We aid you to keep everyone in your workplace safe by preventing the workplace by planning your sanitization & cleaning drives well in advance

Learn How Our Meeting Room Booking System will enable you & your employees to perform better

    Frequently asked questions

    What is a Meeting Room Booking Software?

    A meeting room software is a synergistic amalgamation of certain tools or an app that helps you to book a meeting room. Depending upon the availability & non-availability of a meeting room, you can learn about the slots and timings to make a reservation.

    Which is the Best Meeting room booking System?

    Workctrl’s meeting room solution enables you to ‘Go contact-less, card-less & paper-less’ via just a mobile app or a tool placed right outside your meeting rooms. Now enable secure and managed capabilities for a stable and reliable experience

    Why do I need aconference room scheduling software?

    A conference room booking software enables you to simplify the booking process. Not just this, our solution empowers you to get in-depth insights on room occupancy and utilization so that you can keep a track on space usage, make informed decisions in allocating space, creating hot-desking spaces & much more