Reimagine the workplace to drive safety, operational excellence, and productivity with hybrid workplace management software. At a time when organizations are plagued with burnout, mental health issues, and high attrition, organizations that successfully implement hybrid working models have an unfair advantage over others.

Workctrl: Giving next-generation teams modern and easy-to-use tools for coordinating hybrid schedules and improving collaboration.

What is Hybrid Workplace Management Software?

The hybrid workplace management system is a full suite of easy-to-use tools that coordinates your tools, people, and space, helping your teams work smarter.

Reserve meeting rooms, desks, or collaborative spaces. Manage on-site check-ins, internet access, and building access from a single platform. Simplify your hybrid workplace experience at every touchpoint with the best workplace management solution Workctrl.

Why Do Organizations Require Hybrid Workplace Management Solutions?

Data plays an important role in how organizations optimize their real estate and facilities management operations. Workctrl is an intelligent hybrid workplace management system that equips you to meet the needs of modern and hybrid facilities management.

Agile, simple, and flexible, Workctrl allows for dynamic space planning. Occupants can book conference rooms and desks. Increase the efficiency of your admin and facilities management teams while transforming the way you manage hybrid teams and spaces so that you spend less time on management and more time growing your business.

Workctrl has the right mix of hybrid workplace management in one modular solution to maximize the lifecycle of the space and to future-proof your business.

Benefits of Hybrid Workplace Management Software

Simplify Desk Booking

Enable employees to easily find and book available seats on beautiful seating maps. Workctrl hybrid workplace management system lets users book for the day or plan the schedule in advance.

Streamline the Meeting Room Booking

Meeting room software in the hybrid workplace management solution makes it easy to book conference rooms. Admins can set check-ins to track space utilization.

Empower Employees for in-person Interactions

Workctrl empowers employees to collaborate and socialize. Helps hybrid teams decide when to come to the office and syncs office visits and meeting schedules.

Optimize Your Hybrid Workplace with Data

Workctrl is an end-to-end solution for 360-degree space utilization analytics. Understand the usage of desks and spaces, modify your workplace strategy, and turn this data into insights.

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Space Optimization

Capture occupancy data to optimize space use and enable a reservation system that minimizes conflicts and improves the employee’s office experience.

Create an Optimal Workplace Experience

Workctrl allows you to deliver a workplace experience with the right spaces, services, and amenities that focuses on employee health and well-being.

How Does a Hybrid Workplace Management System by Workctrl Help Your Business?

Experience the power of a truly integrated workplace with Workctrl’s hybrid workplace management software. For today’s hybrid working models, Workctrl delivers a smooth operating model, and automated workflows, and creates seamless experiences.

Upscale or Downscale Your Space and Resources

Understand the daily, weekly, and monthly occupancy data so that you can scale the workplace, staff, and food orders up or down.

Moderate the Workplace Traffic

Learn and understand the days and times when your workplace gets busy so that you can adjust team schedules and make traffic more predictable.

Optimize Your Office Space Layout

Monitor and track the conference rooms, spaces, and desks employees book most often to know the types of spaces that are high in demand.

Design a workplace that meets the Needs of Your Team

Workplace data gives granular insights into foot traffic and space utilization. The hybrid workplace management solution lets you design the most productive workplace.

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